About us

Founded in 2010, LeadingStones Immobilier puts its experience and expertise to good use for high-end projects and the sale of developments for rental investment.

In an extremely competitive market, LeadingStones stands out with its high standards and impeccable reputation for finding innovative solutions.

One can always understand property, imagine it, develop it, give it a new life. One can never stop promoting it.
This is the core of our business: renovate, divide, restructure and resell property.

Our businesses

Property trader

From product searches to development sales and refurbishment management, we guarantee that schedules, costs and quality are respected, in perfect compliance with the initial specifications.

Estate management

A global property operator, in our portfolio we manage varied properties including offices, commercial premises and rental accommodation. This branch is a natural extension of our activities.

Project development

As a property trader, we have developed a line in various property developments for end customers and/or privileged partners.

France and international

LeadingStones Immobilier regularly works on the Côte d’Azur, in Monaco and Paris.

Our perfect knowledge of these areas means we can identify prestigious projects with high added value.
Today, our expertise knows no borders. We operate in Europe, particularly in Germany and Spain where we work with the same enthusiasm and taste for challenge.

22 victoire

27 appartments

Our projects

Converting hotels into housing, restructuring buildings to divide for sale, individually or as a block... We assist our customers throughout the property improvement process until completion.

Villa Louise

27 apartments

Villa Sphaira

In progress

Place aux Herbes

7 apartments

Patio Wilson

14 apartments

8 Dalpozzo

14 apartments

Maison au soleil

3 apartments

Villa Jeanne

12 apartments

Villa Turquetil

6 apartments

Palais Carabacel

Apartment rehabilitation


Ongoing operations


LeadingStones Immobilier employees know their business inside out and they also know they can count on a network of reliable partners when it comes to providing additional and complementary expertise. Banks, architects, interior designers... Many experts are contacted to better understand and promote the property concerned.

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1 Raynardi Street – 06000 Nice
P. 04 93 87 87 46